About me


Growing up in Sweden I was creating things even as a child.  I liked drawing, painting, working with clay and textile fibers.  From third grade, sewing and wood working were required classes in the school where I went, and I enjoyed both enormously.  Textile fibers is the main interest that has stayed with me since then.  While studying "Textile Engineering" in Borås, a town in the southwestern part of Sweden, I decided that I wanted a more creative angle and moved to Chicago to finish my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Design.  Since 1995 I have built my business based on handcrafted accessories with many unique design elements.  I truly enjoy traveling to diverse cultures, and during my journeys I make sure to bring back interesting ribbons, fabrics, buttons, etc. to incorporate into my collections.  I believe that what you wear reflects who you are, and it is a great way to express your own individuality.  Changing your outfit can actually change the way that you feel about yourself.  Color is extremely important, and so is fit, design, style and that you feel comfortable in what you put on your body.  I get a strong satisfaction from creating my designs, and the bonus comes when I find a person who appreciates my sense of detail, and who finds enjoyment in wearing my accessories.  Thank You for taking the time to browse my web site.

Vi ses!

                  Eva Nye.